Instructional Services





The goals of the media program are to support, complement and expand the instructional program of John I. Smith K-8 Center . Additionally, our program offers free and open access to information resources to all members of the school community.  Library media services and resources permeate the entire curriculum and strive to meet the varying needs of all learners.  The library media center provides a stimulating environment, which promotes inquiry, creativity, self-direction, and communication of ideas through print and non-print media.

The media specialist…

·    motivate students to visit the library media center by implementing various promotions throughout the school year.

·    collaborate with each grade level to plan whole group lessons.

·    assist students in research, book selection, Accelerated Reader, and computer programs/Internet.

·    provide in-services for the faculty on a variety of topics including equipment handling and usage, software and hardware instruction, and production of instructional materials.

·    provide production services such as photography, video-recording, audio-recording, opaque production, poster printing, transparencies, and Ellison lettering machine.

·    provide print and non-print resources needed for a specific lesson or theme.

·   troubleshoot hardware and software problems along with the Microsystems Technician.

·    maintain the library media center by updating/ordering print and non-print materials.

·    conduct closed-circuit morning announcements.

·    attend yearly in-services provided by the district in order to stay current in their field.


Partnerships in Collaboration

In order for the media specialists to teach informational skills to the students, they meet once a month with each grade level during the grade level planning time.  During this time the media specialists collaboratively plan a lesson on a current topic that the grade level is working on and implement informational skills with it