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The Most Powerful Reading Program Ever!

The primary function of Accelerated Reader is to provide you with an information system to manage and motivate student reading of self-selected books at the appropriate level within the student’s zone of proximal development. Reading practice is essential to developing critical thinking and problem-solving abilities that ensure a lifelong love of reading and learning. AR  includes many new features such as goal-setting and certification, TWI, and fiction/nonfiction tracking which greatly enhance your ability to manage reading practice.

In addition, the all-new Literacy Skills tests enable you to assess 24 specific skills found in state and district language arts standards and on many standardized tests. Literacy Skills tests help teachers identify student weaknesses and target instruction so students will master state and district standards.

An Unbeatable Combination

Accelerated Reader 5.0 plus an abundant supply of Reading Practice quizzes and a selected supply of Literacy Skills tests form an important educational partnership to help teachers. New AR 5.0 gives you even more and better data on student learning, and better data means teaching is better for you and for your students.

New Accelerated Reader Offers You

New Reporting and Tracking — Automates Reading Renaissance® Techniques. AR  reduces paperwork and saves you time by automatically tracking goal-setting and certification, TWI, and fiction/nonfiction. It also prints book labels complete with quiz numbers

New Literacy Skills Software makes it easy for you to assess and track 24 higher-level reading skills to help students achieve mastery of state and district standards.

Teacher-Friendly Features Make Using AR Even Easier. While AR is powerful, it’s also very simple to use. Plus, it supports all book readability formulas and it’s completely compatible with all your existing files and quizzes.